Bitcoin - Squaring the Circle

All in nature resonates in ratio's and geometry is my tool to reveal the secrets that govern it's growth.
評論: If BTC goes above 8365 it will go high 8800+
評論: People ask how to read this, remember all lines are support/resistance.
評論: Bitcoin looking more bullish again I expect it to retest ATH
評論: Hit the circle outerside!
交易進行: Targets put in last picture
評論: Leaving outer circle too now! Crazy trend 8937 last resistance we could see 9300-10K next.
評論: Expecting 9300+
評論: Above square limit FOMO check!!
評論: 10200? ;)
評論: I have extended the chart for higher targets, we are coming closer to important time fibs (they are in the chart) (1.886/2)
評論: 10K near sight. Probably within next 15H
評論: Bitmex almost 10K ;)
評論: 1.886 was exact time of dump :)
評論: I made pattern comparison if we fail to break down again it's sign of strength
評論: Amazing the timefib of 2 was the bottom of this major dump! Keeps fascinating me ;)
評論: Insane precision of all timefibs up to 27 days! Magic squares will be back soon.
評論: So some people do not fully understand what I meant.
On the original chart search for 17 December 14:00 and 19 December 17:00, these are the timefibs 1.886 and 2, exact time where trend changed from bull to bear with dump almost 25 days forecasted upfront from publish on 22 November 11:00.
I takes some skill to get these time extensions right, you have to understand how growth works, at which stage the trend is and how it extends and in which situations you can apply it.
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can you make another chart now that I can read it? so I can use it next time.
could you explain your last update?
great analysis, i definitely agree
Your reasoning is very curious and makes me think. thanks for sharing
10380 looks like top no room for consolidation after
Your target is 5615 on the short or is the trade a long to the colored fib targets?
TheTrex Gemini47
@KennethTran, I saidabove 8365 I would flip this to long, the colored targets in the screenshot are now my aims. Ideally you would want to sell around 10K
Thank you for posting this chart. How you determine the size of your circle/square? What is your beginning and ending interval (vertically), and beginning and ending interval (horizontally)? Thank you in advance!
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TheTrex FinkPloyd
@FinkPloyd, I start with gann box which has values 0/0.5/1 both vertically and horizontal. 0 is begin of trend and 0.5 is top then 1 is in future. This will enable us to draw correct speed resistance arcs with proper 1x1 square. Geometrically the orgin of the circle is at 0.5/0.5 and with radius 1 it should touch the inside of the 1x1 square, the 1.414 extention is exactly the outer circle of the 1x1 square and reveals where the trends takes on a new profile (leaving the square in 360 degrees). Experiment a bit and see if you can get it aligned with historical price trend, you really have to get a feel for this because there exists no literature about it ;)
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FinkPloyd TheTrex
@TheTrex, This will take some time to comprehend. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. :)
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