There is no possibility that Bitcoin will make new highs until we see another free fall. This is what the structure is saying and the structure is always right!
Why does everyone immediately change their mind when Bitcoin rises by a few percent? Why is everyone so greedy? Please compare the upmove with the whole downmove. It's nothing! It is simply part of a correction.
I bet most of you will continue to have a bullish mind and I wish you the best of luck. I guarantee you will make a lot more losses in one night than you made profits, because a downmove usually happens much faster and is stronger than an upmove. You don't believe it? Then find out for yourself: Look at the chart and compare the upmoves with the downmoves.

A sign why the ''uptrend'' could be over again:

As you can see we have a breakout from the impulse and just wait for a confirmation. Once a flag is formed, what it looks like, it will go down far away.

Good luck.
評論: Boom.

評論: Sorry this wasn't the structure. Very likely that we are going to test $9000 before fall:

評論: There we are. Support at 8600 waiting for us.
評論: Where are the people who blamed me that we won't go down? These guys can go to the "top" authors. I see the next ideas coming:

"We are forming an inverse head and shoulders again."

"It never worked but this time it will!!!"
評論: 8600 broke. Next stop 8000-8200
評論: Yesterday I was looking for other structures after the pump, but everything is ok. Idea stays.
評論: By the way, Tradingview is full with inverse head and shoulders again as I mentioned haha and question to you: How often did the idea occur? Haha.
Awesome. This fall you predicted so correct on March22 itself ==> You clearly said "There is no possibility that Bitcoin -4.55% will make new highs until we see another free fall. This is what the structure is saying and the structure is always right!" And this really fit in. I was 100% wrong. No shame in admitting it and your enviable skill! Hats off to you!
I as well find it absolutely crazy the "Top" people are calling this the bottom and we are going to start a bull run right now. The fractals clearly show we have more down.

SecludedJ SecludedJ
There are still two big pushes downward before we find any really big bounce.
theshamik SecludedJ
@SecludedJ, So your downward push target is around 7450?
5500 is the next stop from there 6000 then 4500 -> 5500 and the last sellout goes to 3600!

From there we get bullish for some months
+1 回覆
6000 is where we get bullish, cheap KORN is what we love.
cosmopan xuanhaimmoer
@xuanhaimmoer, It's possible, but the consolidation will be at least 2 months from may to july.
E55 xuanhaimmoer
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