12915.32 for Btcusd's 2 mth target


When a supper powerful trend start with
high fluidity +man's bidding,
you can see what happen.

For BTCUSD , you will see that each time when price
hit fibo 2.0, it will get a correction.
then another fibo 2.0 later after.

Image the 5600 is just the end of the third corrective
wave, another fibo 2.0 is going after, you can calculate
that 7993.69+4921.63= 12915.32 for Btcusd's target.

Then the question is when will that happen?
The quick answer is 2 months later.

Crazy! followed by crazy greedy people !

Less is more!
評論: the support line just a stop for btcusd to get higher and higher.
評論: 9630 for btcusd.
all greedy push behide.
評論: 12200 for btcusd.
Nothing can stop this beast/
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than you sir. you are really good. hope to learn from you ....
I don't know when the storm will end !!!
@aboel7assan, No one knows.
This has been doubling every 2 months..but how long can it sustain that trajectory? Diminishing returns going forward in 2018 as people perceive bitcoin to be "too expensive" to buy one coin, even though you can buy any amount of bitcoin. Aslo curious when people will start to worry about the halving process in 2020. My take is 6 to 9 months before the actual event, which is usually how far in advance markets discount prices. So for now, nobody is thinking about it.
@josephtse, yes, but every time when price hit fibo 1.414-1.618-2.0, we should think twice about it .
I agree. Greed moves markets and crashes them too. The big question is, when is the major correction coming to put an end to this manic rise thats been happening since July this year. @FUNTRADER-Vera I would also like your advice on whether Cyber Security utilizing blockchain tech is something worthy to look at in terms of early stage investment? The company behind this one is apparently already serving a lot of high profile enterprize clients. Have a look at advise:
@screenager, thank you .
Thanks for the chart. With the new high, do you still see Bitcoin correct to $5000 level?
@prosper247, Hmm, possible.
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