BTC Bottomed and My Psychic Vision Came True

Back in March I shared my psychic vision that came to me while lucid dreaming of Bitcoin bottom to be at $6580 even though my TA told me $5500. During this lucid dream, I requested to be shown the bottom price for Bitcoin for the whole year of 2018 and $6580 was the figure I was given. I shared this vision on here and on other social media. It looks like there's a good possibility that my vision came true, just like my remote viewing vision of bitcoin top at $9088 before plunge to 6k region (which I also shared here.)

When bitcoin went lower than $6580, I began thinking that my vision was wrong, but then I remembered that my $9088 prediction wasn't the absolute top for bitcoin , but the pivot point before the plunge (last hourly green candle close). This seems to also be the case for the $6580 figure.

If my vision of Bitcoin bottom at $6580 in fact comes true (no new lows), I will try to predict the top for 2018 and will also share my prediction here.
If you'e legit about remote viewing... Cool advantage. I'll stick my analysis only, which frankly did suggest the same as you (except from saying year-length bottom.)
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BTC_Dreamer YardleyRosette
@YardleyRosette, I'm still experimenting, so I wasn't actually trading based on my visions, but may start betting small amounts now that my visions seem to be manifesting with high accuracy. All my TA was screaming $5500 bottom, so I didn't completely trust my vision. I will from now on!
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@BTC_Dreamer, Well. Signaled no lower.
BTC_Dreamer YardleyRosette
@YardleyRosette, Awesome analysis! Keep it up!
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