BTC - Short Term Target

- Long term trend: Up
- Medium term trend: Down
- Short term trend: Up

If we pass yesterday's high ~13K, my opinion is that we can reach 1.618 fib ext.
Stoploss must be set at 11500 (That would reach wave (1)' and invalidate wave count)

Good luck!
評論: To be safe - Take some profits at previous high 12.9-13K.

Note! Wave 5 does not always surpass wave 3!
交易結束:達到停損點: have not touched stoploss

but im closing without loss
評論: good that i closed without hesitation.
wait it out is the safest option imo traders.

12K is new support for short
if we break 10500-11000 resistance level, we go down, with previous targets valid.
what do you mean by trade closed ???

hold BTC ?
AlexCH braingsteel
@braingsteel, im selling it
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AlexCH braingsteel
@braingsteel, I feel the risk has increased, I decide to wait it out
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@AlexCH, hmmmmm
do you think it is going as predicted to 5k or whatever dip ??? or you are gonna buy something else ??? @AlexCH,
AlexCH braingsteel
@braingsteel, Don't know if it goes to 5k, but i am def still bearish. I might look for opportunities to open short positions. Now, I am not confident either way, so I will wait. Remember, you don't 'need to' trade. Sometimes it's best to have patience.
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@AlexCH, good advice
FOLLOWING, HOPE you are right
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