Tripple Doji showdown on the way - break up or break down

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Tripple Doji showdown on the way
評論: indicates a break up or break down
評論: But BTC knows Kung-Fu so expect the unexpected .
評論: 11500 coming up shortly.
評論: nope looks more like a break out ,
評論: nope break down
評論: the dojis are doing their job
評論: but this drop is just to make the handle for the 17k run
評論: has to drop to make the shoulder/cup handle to go to 17k
評論: The dojis are not done yet
評論: They should drop to 11k
評論: 3 black crows on the 15 minute candle signaling BTC is going lower to the 10 area
評論: doent look like a bull trap , BTC just has to drop a bit to get ready for 17k
評論: 11228 should stop BTC dropping for a while
評論: mmmh blew right through that one ..
評論: Next stop 10700
評論: BTC being BTC will try to get back to 11228 , but the cup handle is lower so i suspect we need to see at least 10700
評論: I wouldnt trust that 11228 comeback
評論: because in 12 minutes the 4 hour candle will close and drop another red candle
評論: Candle # 2 coming up in 30 seconds
評論: This candle is doing a lot of damage
評論: I would only be concerned if BTC goes past 93xx as it has no business in this area at this time
評論: if BTC goes past 10700 it could go to 9.4k - but there is another stop at 10200
評論: its moving bit too fast for my liking
評論: Another red candle will be placed for the 30 minute candle in 10 minutes.
評論: New 30 min candle coming up in 30 seconds
評論: The main candle to watch is the 12 hour , its been well behaved so far , but a MACD cross on this candle can mean a big drop . Luckily it moves in 12 hour increments so it can reverse move back upwards in this time,

評論: This graphs is a day old but BTC could land here at 10700

評論: we may be done here as BTC hit close to 108xx - we can find out in 10 minutes when the 1 hour drops its next candle and BTC moves up instead of down
評論: Here comes the 1 hour candle in 30 seconds .
評論: im still bearish currently as the 4 hour candle drops in 4 hour increments and can another red candle again in 2 hours time when its time is up .

Also BTC could just be doing a resistance run to 1122x only to retrace backwards. Ideally seeing the MACDS on the 1 hour and 4 hour candle moving upwards will be a good sign , but currently they are pointing downwards
評論: Getting past 11300 will be a welcome sign .
評論: The 90 minute candle drops its next candle in 30 seconds.
On the 4HR chart the 50 & 200 EMA just met each other as well.. acting as support?
Thanks for your updates as always much appreciated!
mycotoxin Solarmass
@Solarmass, Cheers and Thanks
The shorter time frames shows its turning around, 30min, 1HR but the longer frames 4hr, 12hr, Daily, show RSI high and MACD is high point down and no crossover yet. So maybe we are still moving further down till this turns around? On 2HR time frame the bottom touched the 50 EMA at $10,885... support level?
mycotoxin Solarmass
I agree, the MACD on the longer time frame candles is pointing downwards - the 1 hour candle is dropping another candle in 30 seconds. Also BTC is refusing to cross the resistance lines
What’s after 11.5?
The next candle was already red on the chart
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