Sharpen knifes, it's time for alt season

After the savage bull on btc , all tier1 alts are hugging strong support levels, both in -USD and -BTC pairs, with multiple failed attemps to break on the dailies. The prices are at psychological levels, ~ 300$/0.05btc for eth, 50$/0.01 for btc , and lots of new blood who want to play crypto. this makes a good environment for an alt bull run.

Also since last day there have been nice breakouts on the intraday timeframes, which if sustained on the daily chart , means the transfer from btc to alt will begin soon. could start shooting up today, can still test support for some time, until the btc HF is over and price stabilizes.

this is a general panoramic of the heavy weight alts:

no need for much lines to see the dump is over. momentum is stalled, or turning up (the bottom indicator). all alts brushing the 2nd MA line. and once btc finds it's new price, small dogs follow the alpha.

depends wether your tastes are for -usd or -btc pairs, the accumulation is over, and a new rally is due. ingest in small portions, btfd, fill up on test dumps. could

and take this with a grain of salt, too much crypto can be hazardous to your health :)
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