hypothetical extended invertedhead & shoulder neckline breached?

The Bull run continues. was happy to see the momentum happening today. I added to my position at the near-bottom of today's candle's dip (10300). It surpassed the red fibline and may be keeping it as a line of support depending on how today closes out. Today's best trading probability opportunities would be small laddering in at 10300 and profit taking just below the top of the tan trendline . We seem still well on our way to reach the initial inverted head and shoulder trajectory target at 11900...but I might have spotted the potential for the real shoulders of the inverted head and shoulders to be much more massive tahn originally thought...and if we close today's candle where we are in price now or above that, that would signify that the larger hypothetical neckline(the tan horizontal dashed line) had been breached which would equal a far higher climb(vertical tan dashed line) I don't know if Head and shoulders patterns can operate like that or if its possible for a chart pattern to trigger twice though and would love to hear input from anyone who knows the history of the head and shoulder pattern better than I to know whether or not my hypothetical is even possible. Even if not I still suspect we will flirt with the top green channel line....and if it is correct I think we will blow the lid off the channel and sky's the limit. Thanks to all who have folloed or agreed with my ideas, I have finally hit 100 rep points so for that I am grateful. As always these are my methods not suggesting anyone use them as this is not financial advise. You do you.
評論: if the hypothetical new head and shoulders are legit, today's candle needs to close above 11,000 and then tomorrows close above it as well before it would confirm a broken neckline.
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