Looking at BTC trends

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First chart just looking at possible scenarios for COINBASE:BTCUSD . I'm thinking bullish with dip in prices some time mid to late next month as quality small-cap cryptos begin to deliver on roadmaps. Also exploring the downward trend over the next 3 months. Seems that would follow the dark purple line, corresponding with the fast MA. That would basically be a continuation of the Dec-Feb decline. That is the 2k scenario.
That upward channel is unbelievably steep, would mean more people are selling their belongings and throwing money at Bitcoin. I think we are past that hype and people are preparing for the decline to finish off the 5th wave of our overall correction downwards. Will be up after we hit the bottom of the flag trend line and continue our road to glory. Hopefully. But I hope your drawing will turn out true and beat the odds against it, since we’ll all be unbelievably rich and the people selling their belongings can buy them back... ;)
neotoad cryptobiting
@cryptobiting, I wont be surprised if we break from the downward channel and hit that 200 MA intersecting with the purple extension of the 50
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