Bitcoin, Bulls Fuel or Beef Tenderloin?

Hi Friends and Followers, look at this chart:
  • 1. Inverted Head & Shoulders: Bullish
  • 2. Flag in uptrend: Bullish
  • 3. Descending Triangle in bottom: Bullish

Whats up with targets?
Head & Shoulders target 16k+
Bullish Flag target 16k+
Descending Triangle target 16k+

So, if you still in Fiat, use retracements to dive in BTC , trade altcoins vs. btc and watch for support lines (tripple uptrend lines on chart).

Hope all good trading these days!

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評論: * Ascending Triangle
交易進行: The price moves slowly with caution, the market is now dominated by longs
65% longs / 35% shorts
交易進行: Near support line:
交易進行: Bull flag breakout
交易進行: Moving to target, now flag again:
交易進行: Price near resistance line! Rising Wedge found, Price retracement area: 10700
交易進行: Moving as predicted at previous update, price moving in wedge, keep eye on pullback/breakout of support:
交易進行: Broke support of the Wedge, moving to 10700 support area:


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What is best time to place order please for short term target ?
So it wil probably retrace to 10.6k?
Good spot on the ascending wedge.
Good eye. I spotted the rising wedge and took profit at 11472.

Quote from my recent update.

"Keep your $ on-sight. Reaching a very critical moment here.
I noticed a rising wedge formation, if bulls manage to break upwards tha'll ignite bears to jump on the boat to mid to high $12k area.

If it falls down it should retrace the base price formation of the wedge.
I shorted a 1/3rd of my position at $11472 on Gdax. I'll rebuy that poistion if we break out upwards. I'll short another 1/3 if we breakdown the wedge and scalp trade to the bottom."

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breitdom jovani7919
@jovani7919, crazy
Sell and rebuy on the minor retrace?
Good call, dude!
"Another week and another 1724 points made with this dude. Very exact entries too.
You are good but this guy is even better - at least for day traders.
Does anyone know of anyone better on Tv right now? If so, please share, like this one."
The TRUTH is out there...let's help eachother to find it
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Now that we broke out of the channel, I see these targets:
I'm seeing a clear elliot wave ABC correction into elliot waves of infinity

My masterpiece!
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akabubjr MrRenev
@MrRenev, You didn't carry the 2.
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