Will Bitcoin be replaced by another cryptocurrency?

Hello traders. I don't have an idea to publish at the moment, but I was thinking about a question that crossed my mind. Will Bitcoin be replaced by another cryptocurrency and what coin could it be?
We have seen a lot of companies, products, and websites that were leading in their field vanish and disappear with time. Could this be the case with Bitcoin?
as many people said, we have to look to btc as gold of future, not anymore meant as payment method. just look on fees and time of transactions, there is so many new altcoins with better technologies, lower fees and becoming instant payment. take a look on iota - tangle technology, more devices on tangle - faster transactions will be, and no fee.
i think bitcoin will be used as investment for life.

dont forget, most of altcoins depends on bitcoin price
When i think of Bitcoin i see it as the seed that build this entire new way of thinking, and the fundamental layer of what helped create this entire industry.

With that in mind i see Bitcoin as gold, a store of value, but not meant for daily transactions (although this could also be a possibility) maybe we could also view it as new currency like the dollar and view other altcoins as stocks, if that makes sense, the many pairs that BTC has makes it superior now, but it's not meant for daily transactions in my opinion.

I think a thing that many might not realize is that these cryptocurrencies might not go as mainstream as many hope, although blockchain technology will be everywhere, what stops governments like the united states from just basing their banking-systems on this technology, making payments more efficient but correlate it to the dollar (like usdt) and not use any of the pre-existing coins, as they are to volatile and more like a speculative investment.

I think cryptocurrency in the future will be implemented everywhere (the blockchain technology) and the few will use it in countries with suppression, or people who wish to make anonymous transactions, as of now i see the whole industry as a speculative bubble, as i see huge rise in price, but not a greater rate of adaptation as real life payments. I think the speculative bubble will burst some day (a new market cycle) and then Bitcoin will again rise from the ashes, but valued more true to the technology behind it, because as of now most people are just investing in cryptocurrencies as an investment, and not with actual use in mind.

Just my 2 cents :-))

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@simo110j, big thumbs up!
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As a store of value, maybe not. As a digital currency, absolutely - there are too many other digital currencies that are cheaper to and faster to transact with. I wouldn't be surprised if Stellar Lumens replaces both BTC and ETH in the not so distant future.
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Bitcoin Cash
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Hi dear,
None of them . bitcoin is powerfull coin and other coin has problem for example bch can not support segwit and bcd No. 210,000,000 so bitcoin is king every time.
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will you do charts on Safex and Verge? do you see future for these coins?
i think Bitcoin will remain because of Rothschild Investment
@alirezaaf, Keep in mind that Rothschild Investment Corp Not Affiliated With The Rothschild Family
Like the advent of the internet there was a huge bubble of startup companies with promise. The naive idea of a decentralize system is not possible, yes it will be possible to have a monetary system without a brick and mortar establishment. The future of assets and value will be on digital platform, like Ripple XRP and other block chains. I firmly believe that Bitcoin will be regulated out of the market and you will see, what has been planned for many year take hold in the main stream economy. This is not to shatter anyone's dreams for a decentralized system, or Bitcoin being the top dog. I just see the system of things in a light, and try to position myself to not be left holding the bag, when the domino's fall.
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abdullatrader Bluechipinvestments
@Bluechipinvestments, Great points you have made, thank you!
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