Predicting market moves with JUST ONE INDICATOR

This idea shows how easy it was to identify a massive opportunity on BTCUSD with the Levels and Zones indicator.

Basically, after days of sideways movement, the pressure started to build up and ultimately a massive explosion took place!
First, the Resistance Level moved significantly down (hence pushing price lower), then the Support Level made its move up (hence pushing price higher). Give it a few more time for the pressure to increase further (price is forced to move into a tight channel) and then the explosion takes place.

You can find a similar setup before most of the major impulsive movements across any asset and timeframe. First, pressure builds up then, the explosion takes place!
📍 ⠀More on the indicators 👨🏻‍💻 📈 
🌎⠀ https://minimalisttrading.com


I have already paid, when can I give me permission?
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Would you mind showing a GBP/USD chart from today.....
Using an Eight (8) minute time frame...

a.b gottrocks
@gottrocks, that's a rather unusual timeframe but here you have it anyway
@a.b, Thanks!

Very impressive....
Gives me something to think about as those trades would have brought in some good Pips.
I realize 8 M is unusual but I figured if it worked on that it easily will work on more conventional time frames.
a.b gottrocks
@gottrocks, Sounds good. Just send me a PM should you have any further question.
@a.b, Thanks!
a.b gottrocks
@gottrocks, You're welcome!
Guys is there any free or trial-available analog of this indicator? Its ok for me to pay but I need to know that it works... Right now I don't even understand how to predict dump with this indicator
a.b roflexz
@roflexz, Trials are not available at this time, however I can prepare real-time screenshots
Is there by any chance a trial for some of these indicators for a couple of days? I've come across them several times and would like to try them out before committing to a $100/month bill..
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