Bitcoin's falling wedge - FUD you mainstream media!

$BTC has been in a bearish trend since the rise to just under $20K (on Coinbase).

Let's take a look at some FUD that contributed to this the past 30 days:

Subpoena on Bitfinex and USD Tether
Friedman LLP pulling out of Tether audit
False news reporting of Korea & India's Government banning Bitcoin            
Jordan Belfort putting out an 'urgent warning' to sell Bitcoin            
Coinbase 1099 forms & having information of customers' purchases sent to IRS             by request
CNBC reporting Bitcoin             crashes every other day

With all this noise, I am bullish on Bitcoin             long term. It appears that a falling wedge is forming.

1st Major Support - ~$7900
2nd Major Support - ~$5800

I am expecting some accumulating between ~$7900 - ~$9200 before we break out upwards.

Good luck!


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