BTCUSD + 5th Wave Confirmed = LAST DROP + WARNING 1BTC/4700$

BTC             Has confirm his 5th wave YESSS

I strongly suggest you guys to wait before buying some more BTC             or ANY other coins. The reason is simple... BTC             Drops... And we see Blood everywhere...

Please go and see my BTCUSD             chart (link Below) to understand What is coming in the near future


If you want more info, update on BTC             or any other Alt Coin Join me on telegram (Link Below)

Remember Investing is about risk management and NOT a ONE TIME Huge Profit...


Feel free to give some Negative or Positive feedback to make sure everyone benefits from your vision

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gd job ,do you think up to 11 then go down ?
CryptoDjet fadihanafieh
@fadihanafieh, It Might go up to 11 again, but I wouldn't bet on that ! I personally sold all my BTC to buy back at the lowest level !
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