My Thoughts On a Potential Adam and Eve Double Bottom (longterm)

A fellow tradingview publisher by the handle of @BTCookieMonster (follow him and give his charts views and likes please) created a very nice chart hypothesizing an Adam and Eve Double Bottom which would result in a great uptrend. I totally agree with him and find that outcome highly probable but I think his adam and eve is really just Eve.....and That Adam is the Low from February....here is his chart which focuses on the 4hr timeframe: which is very well laid out. Above you can see on my 1 day chart however that this pattern can easily be applied to more zoomed out starting with the Adam bottom from February 6th and what we are experiencing now and have been since the Adam completed is the Eve Bottom. Should this trend play out on this larger timeframe as I am hypothesizing the upside of it will be much bigger and could take us all the way to 14700 and back into the bull market for Q2. For this Adam and Eve to be Valid though we would have to break somewhere between 10500-11000 depending how many days from now it takes to reach that...I'm thinking we could see something like this as soon as the middle of this month...of course we could always dip lower but probability makes this outcome fairly possible. Of course whichever choice you take, I always usually err on the side of probability while at the same time I stay completely prepared for the exact opposite outcome..You choose your own path however for this is not financial advice. Good luck and thanks for reading!
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