Hope you guys noticed that gold             is dropping from the top( purple zone) while BTCUSD             sort of finding out its support after hitting all our targets.
We short btc             from $12800, and this trade closed at $6050.

Gold             and Btcusd             definitely have different direction to go , as chart shows.
We are expecting $9450 for btc             to correct while $1311 for gold             to dig.

Signal subscription promotion is on now, pls             check our web.

Less is more!
評論: From D down to E, could retest 6000 again.
交易結束:目標達成: for this idea, BTC hit tgt.
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Twitter: Funtrader_Vera
look this
ZGRTFN OzzySalas
@OzzySalas, now says the same things
@ZGRTFN, haha ok
Thank you Vera, I am really impressed with the amount of knowledge you have in this field. Keep on posting :)
Do you think it will retest in $6k again ?
Vera, thank you for the post. You were extremely accurate in calling the BTC Bottom when it hit 5850 on GDAX. I believe your prediction was 5680-6000, so you hit it spot on. The trends are clearly moving in the direction of your goal of $9,450, as of this moment does it appear to you we are still headed in that direction?
I like your comments lady
thanks for the good ta you always are close to the outcome
what's the probabilty of this?
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