Bitcoin is officially the most bullish chart in history

Watching for resistance to break but we have a very clear bullish shift in momentum and a HUGE bullish reversal pattern with sufficient volume for a breakout .

I have been laddering in since 10,000$ - 8,000$ 7,000$ 6,000$ Now I plan to ride this impulsive wave on the upside to new all time highs in 2018

also Technical analysis predicted this move long before the GOLDMEN SACHS news announcement

Hope you don't have any short potions on unless you have some good stop-losses in place

I am treating this market as bullish because the trending support line from $1,800 to $3,000 to $6,000 is a strong support trend & has successfully bounced 3 times now.

enjoy the profits we can all expect if this breaks major downtrend resistance like it looks like its going to

don't get greedy in the next wave up be willing to take profits into USDT and stay profitable out there!!.

the other recent bitcoin charts I made__
評論: Breakout then fall back to support & people will still blame it on "MANIPULATION" this was a very technical move
Youtube channel with lessons on trading
BTC : 3QccfbwpF9rpm8aofADDWdtshDrXnGwZ
Thanks Dalin, you rock.
Are we about to see the largest green candle in history?
@USCG_Vet, Probably. How big would that have to be, or would be? in a week or two, I could imagine seeing 5k or even 10k gains. I might sells the alts if I have to.
thanks for sharing! Btw just out of curiosity: Why exactly is it so valuable that Goldman Sachs is taking partnership in Poloniex? Because that means they changed their mind and are now believing in crypto currencies or why is it good news?
arrie1992 MuMPiTz
@MuMPiTz, Lol where did you read that? xD
MuMPiTz arrie1992
@arrie1992, there are many news, some say they actually bought it, no idea though. Google it.
joeohs MuMPiTz
@MuMPiTz, https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2018-02-26/goldman-backed-circle-buys-digital-exchange-poloniex
HansWurst31 arrie1992
@arrie1992, circle

Yes, that is one reason.

Two, if Goldman wants in, you can bet JP Morgan and others won't want to be left in the dust. This means all the big players are looking at crypto now. Serious $$$$ will have access to crypto.

Three, Poloniex was a shitstorm. They were clearly overwhelmed and needed a buyout.now someone who can handle this kind of growth can clean up their customer support and withdraw mess.
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