Could be 10700 then 8900 - but 8900 may take a few days

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Could be 10700 then 8900 - but 8900 may take a few days
評論: The 8900 is spaced further out so it may hit it in a few days
評論: This is the 4 hour candle and it closes in 30 minutes and will drop another candle . This will give us an idea of the direction BTC is moving in .

- Currently the MACD for the larger candles 4,6,7,8 etc appears bearish but this can change in the upcoming hours
評論: The latest 4 hour is bearish and taking a few dollars off BTC
評論: The 12 hour candle is starting a MACD crossover . This signifies bigger drop if this candle proceeds with the MACD cross. This candle moves in large 12 hour increments so hopefully it changes its mind before its candle wraps up.
評論: 10723 should halt pause BTCs downward movement temporarily if not 10500 or 10200 will try
評論: Is 10700 the end move as BTC seems to be moving up-rapidly ? The MACDs for the 4 hour 1 hour would have to move upwards and BTC will have to start crossing some of the resistance lines IE 109xx for starters - if not then its most likely a bull -trap
評論: BTC still remains Bullish

The daily MACD remains bullish , RSI is bullish . However the TD - counters are at 7 . A 9 means a Possible 1 to 4 daily candle count down or reversal/
A new daily candle has been started currently and shows a countdown of 1 . But this is a daily candle with 18 hours to go so it can flip during this time.

Going by the daily MACD- I do think BTC will continue upwards after this correction. There is currently a reversal candle to the downside on the daily 7 candle but the latest daily candle can close past this in 18 hours.

To get a better sense of what happening I'll be watching the 12 hour as if the MACD crosses on this bad boy BTC is going down.
- As long as the daily MACD remains bullish BTC can continue upwards.

For this weekend id need to see how Thursday shapes up to get an idea of BTCs direction,

評論: Great hard to find info in the TD indicators by user @gemslove7

this weekend will be bloodbath
Nhmenefee Houari1981
@Houari1981, what do you expect to see for the weekend?
Houari1981 Nhmenefee
@Nhmenefee, if the BTC cant hold in 10700, i'm expecting to him touch 9XXXusd by Weekend
Love the amount of updates you give, I realize it ups your odds for mistakes at times and others wait for more confirmation before adding updates but it's helpful to have as much info as possible in my opinion.
mycotoxin Nhmenefee
@Nhmenefee, Cherers ,following BTC is interesting it moves like no other token
Nhmenefee mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, on the way up since 6k has been so odd at times i didnt know what to think, I've mostly been a spectator, just hasn't seemed solid yet. It keeps it interesting though that's for sure.
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