BTCUSD: a borken trend line is sending it down to 8k


Crypto all are going down for the moment.
For btc , a broken trend line is sending down to 9k first, then 8k could following , later a retest of 6k is still possible.
Promotion for fx currency subscription is still on till 2nd March.

Less is more!
評論: The broken trendline is telling a downtrend true so far.
But this could be a preparation for next move up the the top curve , like 13k or 16k.
評論: waiting for 9 k to hit first
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Youpi :D
vera what do you think about H&S at 9,2K?
@leorio, The only thing that is a waste of time is being mean. How much do we all want to be mean between now and when we die? That question may be more important than the price of BTC.
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@leorio, then why waste time to comment here?
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@Jelmerrr, agree
Man, there are a lot of haters commenting here. I sincerely hope the hate is not due to the fact that the ideas are coming from a woman... I have seen the exact same ideas posted by others and they are met with praise. In any event, even if you (readers) disagree with something or an idea, try not to be a troll about it and present your counter idea. This space is about learning, sharing, and growing. If you want to be a troll, go back to facebook.
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hahah this is joke, made a clueless short call cause you saw it correcting then changed it again when it bounced "could be the next move up"? So when it corrects again, I guess you will change it to "could go down" again?
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