BItcoin (BTC) Headed to Below 5500 in coming weeks

BTC is in the C wave of and ABC correction of the larger Crypto Bull market. It has an extremely high probability of dropping below 5500 within the next few weeks.

This analysis is based on a multi market analysis of Coinmarketcap.com, BTC , ETH, NEO, XLM , LSK, and more using tricks picked up from 30 years of technical analysis of markets and years of managing tens of millions of dollars as a top ten ranked series3 licensed former Commodity Trading Advisor. I only tell you all of this because there are too many new and inexperienced traders and market analysts giving bad trading advice to other newbies. I want to save you some of the pain I went through over the years. I learned the hard way.

Happy Trading.

評論: I know it has been a while but just updating you that my BTC target is still in play as certain high probability events have not yet occurred in LTC, BTC, or in Coinmarketcap.com. BTC has so far reached a low of 6450 since the target was published and has bounced to its current price of 8174. Right now the daily RSI is at 55, a level not seen since a previous major high area around the March 3rd time frame. There is also Hidden bearish divergence in the Daily RSI, suggesting a high probability of a continuation lower to begin soon. Happy Trading
評論: BTC at 6093 as I write this. The 5500 target is looking pretty realistic to a lot of doubters now. My coinmarketcap.com target still requires a significant drop before reaching a high probability support area for possible long term growth, so lower prices will likely be seen first, before a buying opportunity presents itself in the crypto market as a whole. Happy Trading!
交易結束:目標達成: This target took far longer than I expected but It has been exceeded as expected, keeping my Tradingview Crypto currency target success rate in excess of 90%.
LOOOL still waiting dude. It's not happening. YOU GOT IT WRONG AGAIN!
KazanaWave samiswilf
Oh ye impatient troll of little faith. Remember what happened the last time you said my price prediction for IOTA was wrong, IOTA reached my target. After BTC reaches its target just like IOTA did, you will eat your words again, along with a second serving of humble pie. LOL @samiswilf,
samiswilf KazanaWave
@KazanaWave, actually not really. I haven't been holding on the way down. I wrote that message because I upset when the price wasn't going down fast enough, so took it out on you. I apologize.
samiswilf samiswilf
@KazanaWave actually, I don't apologize. You said in coming weeks, not freaking months!!! Your timing was so off that it constitutes WRONG! You know how long I'll be waiting now, missing out on some pumps!? Too long
KazanaWave samiswilf
12 weeks have passed since my target was published and the market has been zig zagging down slowly ever since then. So technically, we are still on track for my forecast to be correct, just like my other correct closed crypto targets, with a little patience. @samiswilf,
samiswilf KazanaWave
@KazanaWave, dude I could have doubled my money in april. When it goes under 5.5k I'll double it then, but now it's just double instead of the quad it would have been. You were so off you were WRONG.
KazanaWave samiswilf
Why didn't you double your money in April? If you are a short term trader then trade the bounces. You have full control of your Trading decisions. I am careful not to give trading advice, only information based on my analysis. What anyone does with that information is up to them depending on their trading strategy, short term or long term. I am just helping others to not be deluded that a bottom was in, when many other less experienced analysts were all out bullish, assuming BTC had bottomed, and screaming to the moon. @samiswilf,
samiswilf KazanaWave
@KazanaWave, until you explain your so-called predictions non-dogmatically, you're a charlatan in my eyes. You wouldn't even explain when I offered to pay. You must be a charlatan.
KazanaWave KazanaWave
Also, you might want to increase your meds. Ha ha.@KazanaWave,
samiswilf KazanaWave
@KazanaWave, and you need to DECREASE your horrible inaccuracy.
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