Mt Gox Crash VS 2018 Crash side-by-side comparison

Since the current crash is the 2nd largest one in bitcoin             history behind Mt. Gox. there is no better comparison to the current situation than Mt. Gox.
It would be quite bizarre for all of this to suddenly come to an end after bouncing from 6400
Just as it was in Mt. Gox crash, I expect bitcoin             to hit the true bottom and move sideways for a long time before gradually going up.
As for the final bottom, I'm expecting sideways movement between 4k and 6k.

I think the chart speaks for itself.
I've marked the comparable spots with blue stars

A few things I've taken into account
1) The current progression seems to be about 2x faster
2) The upcoming G20 announcement and the resulting FUD in June, July

I'd love to hear your feedback/opinion.
Indeed, I've noticed this as well and expect similar.
This is interesting, thanks for having shared!
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deliciouspodo Giorgioversace
@Giorgioversace, My pleasure. Thanks for looking
your chart starts 10 months in or so from 2014 but 4 months now. that doesnt make sense
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@renkcub, @renkcub, yes that is the first thing I mentioned in the postscript. I adjusted the fractals accordingly!
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