BTCUSD Bet is Too High

My teacher told me that FIBs always knew the true...
Let's checked
So the basic:
Each growth going to high FIB level: 1.272, 1.414, 1.618, 2, 2.272, 2.414, 2.618
and then retracement to 0.618

Let's going to beginning of middle era of BTCUSD - from 01/09/2015
BTC just formed consolidation (237$) and going to new High (499$)
After retracement to 0.618 (321$) going to 2.414 (770$),
then retracement to 0.786 (480$) and new high at 2.618 (1143$)
then retracement to 0.786(788$) and new high at 1.618 (1280$ at 03/03/2017)

The period from 03/03/2017 to 11/05/2017 still not completely clear
10/03/2017 price set new high 1380$ at 1.272 of bullish movement, pullback to 0.618 1022$ and continue fall to 896$
When the new Low was formed at 13/04/2017 1180$ we get into modern BTC era
11/05/2017 BTC price set new high 1845$ and continue uptrend movement without retracement (1st call)

Next retracement to 0.618 was done from 2986$ to 1885$
Then new ATH 2.618 FIB level 4978$
Retracement to 0.618 - 2992$
Next race to 2.618 0 7891$
But this time pullback was performed to 0.5 (5605$) , but not 0.618 (2nd call)

Then new ATH above 2 but lower 2.272 with pullback only to 0.382 (3nd call)

As you see, with each call, ATH FIB level get lower, and pullback level get Higher
As the people become more greedy, their fear become stronger
評論: ATH* - All Time High price
評論: or we are going deeper to 10100
Nice shoot!
When you say
"Each growth going to high FIB level: 1.272, 1.414, 1.618, 2, 2.272, 2.414, 2.618
and then retracement to 0.618 "

What is the final 0.618 level?
Kibarg911 the_end_comes_quick
@the_end_comes_quick, you measure your bullish run for retracement
But did'nt BTC retrace to $9100 (.382) on Thursday? so wouldn't that mean it should continue to go higher?
Kibarg911 wgf7250
@wgf7250, yes, it did and it continue to grow up
In my opinion that fact, that correction go to higher level than usual told us that something changed in market and we get closer to Euphoria step
santaklaus03 Kibarg911
@Kibarg911, so next fibk is aprox 12.700 right? and whre is the next 0,38fib?
Kibarg911 santaklaus03
@santaklaus03, Yes, right
Kibarg911 learningearning
@learningearning, Thank you!
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