Did we meet the bottom? I think we did not

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Hey guys,

just a short update that we still did not get to the 24 hr volume over market cap ratio of 0.1 (explained in my precious post). I might be very wrong, but I think until we get to this damn 0.1 ratio, we will turn and go down again! I hope I am not wrong :)
We may never even get back there. And this is the time when another coin might take over BTC or all coins will be dumped.
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Esmaeel venturetrade
@venturetrade, bitcoin dominance is increasing... so nothing will take over BTC. They may all be dumped until the my ratio reaches 0.1 :D
Esmaeel kardia
@kardia, great post. Thank you very much. I think the cartel loses the control temporarily when we get to the ratio of 0.1 and the price goes up :)
kardia Esmaeel
@Esmaeel, If it's true, then there is nothing we can do as they would have access to funds we could never compete with. In other words, it's over.
Esmaeel kardia
@kardia, true.
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