My Personal Journey with BTC

I'm still trying to figure out what happened in the market these days.
Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe I'm right, in any case, there are a lot of things to learn.
I'll find patterns, tricks and ideas and learn about all of them and I'll post a lot of updates here. Be with me and let's figure it out together.

* * * * * * * * * * *

If you're agree with this chart please give me a like and follow my account.
評論: It seems we are in the middle of making the right shoulder.
評論: Pattern that looks like a Rising Wedge, which Bitcoin will send at around 76XX$, Let's see.
評論: Finally a nice breakout from H&S
評論: We have a bear flag with a target around 77XX$ right now, usually bear flag should send us to downside but recently we have witnessed a violation of this rules, let's see.
評論: And now we have a breakdown from bear flag, where we'll go? we'll find soon.
評論: We are trying to make money in a wildest market, nobody knows what plan we should have but I'll trying to figure out and learn. these points are our resistance point. look out for.
評論: BTC wants to test 8200$-8400$ resistance levels once more.
評論: It seems that the Head and Shoulders pattern is no longer valid.
On the other hand, I have forgotten to share this idea with you, We have a big Rising Wedge(Blue) here, although everyone has pointed to it in the TV, but now it seems price trying to make another Risig Wedge here right now, the smaller one.
評論: I think we have a Ascending Triangle in bitcoin chart,This pattern can lead btc to down or up, if we get a breakout of this pattern we'll see 84XX$ levels and if pattern give a breakdown we should see a solid exit from Rising wedge pattern and that would be a good sign for bears.

評論: and btc make a new breakout to upside of that Ascending Triangle.
評論: Can you see this? We have a big and beautiful falling wedge in RSI, we will falling down so soon. (after touch 84XX$)
評論: I apologize for this mistake: that's a rising wedge.

(I need a strong coffee dude, I'm still sleepy.)
評論: I have a good feeling about about this small H&S because I'm a bear right now. :)
評論: Do you remember about that Rising Wedge in RIS chart which I told you about that? We have a breakdown right now. a very good sign for bears.
評論: So Interesting!
評論: @LNE told my about a her idea and I want to show her vision right now, she said:
"your wedge is too tight there is no breakdown yet, I see it as a channel not a wedge. a few key areas coming up soon to know if we are headed higher or lower It is possible we hold the channel and head up, if we break the channel we see a retest on the downtrend support line in red."

let's see.
thank you so much @LNE. :)
評論: Finally A Breakout of 8400$ resistance, I'll wait for confirmation.
評論: I don't have good feeling about this bull run beacuse this bull run should pass a bigest resistance for btc and that is 60 level in RSI momentum oscillator. since the beginning of the year, we have not managed to break this resistance. so be careful.

評論: Are you familiar with fractals?
This pattern has been very repetitive over the past few days.
I want to see this time it different from the previous times? We will soon find out.

* Please do not trade with this pattern.
評論: BTC is so bullish, Price broke 60 level of RSI and right know trying to have a breakout from top of Rising Wedge.
交易結束:目標達成: my secound target hit!
評論: *second
交易進行: I'm trying to find an answer to what's the next? correction to 8k? maybe! lower? I don't think... and I drawn a new Rising wedge based what information we have righ now... so we have more space to go up, around 9.4K? I think.
評論: We have another Rising Wedge pattern right now.
評論: bulls don't care about RSI, Pattern, etc. I like them.
交易進行: Target reached but we can go upper levels, Bulls are unhinged!
評論: Key Levels.
評論: Just an Idea, Maybe I'm Wrong but I don't care, I'll trying to find a pattern here. let's see.
評論: Nice move by bulls.
What do you think btc will drop to?
bahmani samiswilf
@samiswilf, I don't know right now, I took profit from this bull run(xrp, trx, ada) but I'm trying to figure out and find another safe entry.
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