Bitcoin Big Crash Coming When Korea Shuts Down Exchanges

This market is filled with unsophisticated traders, with people who are way over leveraged. When this thing starts to really tank, people are going to start looking at their life savings and panic. Too many coins now. Before we only had ether and litecoin, now we have thousands. People will start to worry that bitcoin is just a prototype and lose faith the lower it goes. The pull back will eventually stop, flat line, then take off again for another run
評論: Folding
評論: bad fold, orderly market
評論: wanted to buy at 8.00 but hesitated, attention was on other things, looked a few days later and was like ughh
評論: *8000 not 8.00 lol
Be comfortable, we go on way again
alipipefitter mcalbayrak
@mcalbayrak, yeah its just bitcoin has a tendancy to flash crash from all the newb traders that FOMOed in with too much leverage. Hence why I place the entry nearing the 78% long term fib line
Dumbass making charts on crypto urgency while knowing nothing about the cryptoworld. Stop your bullshit
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zeeshnr zeeshnr
@zeeshnr, crypto currency*
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@zeeshnr, doesn't matter, the news will cause a panic.
@zeeshnr, That's the way market works my friend. News and hype
@zeeshnr, Still a dumbass am I?
korean exchanges are not shutting down. get your facts right
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