Only for Educational Purposes: Don't you think that trade platforms are making unviable the cryptocurrencies that are being traded there? Numbers and Graphics with Stats and projections are made based on the numbers provided by those platforms but there is no way to verify. What if someone is manipulating those numbers for a selected group of people who's have an strong interest?
評論: All of you look at the numbers after they pass, but you need to consider more info than just analize charts to give an accurate projection, i am not wizard, and maybe not so smart, but my bet is that march 1st bitcoin will reach 8400 usd price, and 14K on april 1st. This is the begining of the year inverstors are focussed in other markets.
評論: As you can see at Today's behaivor price still steady with a down tendence, still 3 days remaining to finish the Month, and i dont see a support as the analist preddicted last week, comments are welcomed!
交易結束:目標達成: I think 8.4K Target has been reached from March 9th and now is under the range of 7.9 8.3K I am expecting a falling under the 7K level, that may happen tomorrow afternoon.
Today is March 10th and my predictions are fare that I was expecting, today's price of BTC is 9800 USD, but i still expecting a Downtrend all this month, the recovery, if happens, will be at the beginning of April.
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