Ive got a Hunch;) that the Hunchback is more Bullish than Before

To all my fans and followers.. Bullish Benji back again. Here to provide another update on what ive been seeing in the charts since Easter weekend. Ive got the magic eye and it shows that the Bulls are setting a grand trap for the Bears that have been roaming the lands for months. NEW Hunched Back Low appears to be setting in at 6900-7000 before the move up to 8K and higher. The Hunchback of Notre Dame as seen in the charts has been nearly breached. The lower shoulder is finally nearly finished. 6900 could be the lowest we see before the huge run up.

Bullish Benji has seen the future, and its all time highs, Bulls in charge, and The Hunch Back of Notre dame pattern finally breached!
Quasimodo has been sacrificed! Were saved.
i will catch the knife at 1300usd
BullishBenji jostitrade
@jostitrade, Tis only a butter knife old chap.
i think we have 6k to $5500 as the bottom before the bulls return
@neserp, I thought so at first too!

But I looked closer at the fundamentals that the Hunchback pattern showed and Its gotta be 6900-7K as bottom before Bulls go on Parade. Remember: Never doubt whats right in front of you!
neserp BullishBenji
@BullishBenji, seems we have arrived at that point where its up or down.......hopefully we break 7100 and we go up!!!
@neserp, We are looking very good. Hunched Shoulder was breached as I expected. Hoping we take down 8K next! Good times ahead.
neserp BullishBenji
@BullishBenji, seems likethe spike from the bulls are running out of momentum. We might see a sell off this afternoon for the weekend......we need one more dip before we can go up up up.......all in all everyone should be happy we have had good gains in the last 2 days, made some $$$ nice
@neserp, Couldnt agree more. Everything seems on track i dont think the dip will be near as bad.
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