Bitcoin Trumpet Pattern Blowing up sweet melodies for Crypto

The latest FUD and bad news for bitcoin have happened quite fast. CEO of Morgan Stanley back at it again with his naysaying, Warren Buffett warning to stay away from Bitcoin , and Microsoft no longer accepting $BTC payment due to volatility . Well, Bitcoin has withstood all that, and is coming back up to the $14000 plus levels once again.

Having withstood the negative news, I would say the fundamentals of Bitcoin is stronger than ever now.

Whats even more exciting is the continued growth of altcoins, and the whole cryptocurrency market.

My long term holdings of $NEO, $OMG, $STRAT, and $ETH are all looking great, and my smaller coins like $TRST, $MSP, just fantastic.

The momentum of higher lows seems likely to continue. Hold your bags strong, bitcoiners!

When you're comfortable with Bitcoin -1.74% , head over to the amazing world of smaller cryptocurrencies, called Altcoins. This place is where dreams can come true... really fast. There are lots of potentials here, and recently a lot of investments that went 10 times or more, like $XRP, $TRX, $ICX, $DRGN.

But be careful and don’t get too greedy. Some examples of small cryptocurrencies to buy? Ripple, Neo, Omisego, IOTA, Dash, to name a few. Try out one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges right now. If you haven't already gotten some of these in your portfolio, I highly suggest you check them out at the biggest cryptocurrencies exchanges out there right now.

CURRENTLY most exchanges are NOT accepting new user registrations (Oh no!)

So hurry and register at the ones that are still open, my top pick being Kucoin. I believe it will be the next Binance, or at least challenge Binance a lot.

Kucoin is a relatively new exchange that is holding a lot of promotional activities (means you get FREE STUFF). It's also the best place to get up and coming newly release ICOs from $NEO. Examples like Deepbrainchain, Redpulse, and so on. You can also get $DRGN, Dragonchain at Kucoin, which many people say are brimming with potential

But I think all the cryptocurrency exchanges are working hard to restore their services and allow more new users to sign up. So it should be soon before the other exchanges are again open for registration! And when that happens…. Quickly:
Over here at Binance-->
:grin: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11198129 (use this link to get 50% off trading fees for you to save more!)

Or Bittrex--> https://bittrex.com/ sorry no promo links for this one :(

Or for the really adventurous ones that want to hunt really low cap coins (so called undiscovered gems), there's Cryptopia, a small cryptocurrency exchange that contains many very unknown coins with HUGE potential. Riskier though! -->

:grin: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?ref...

(Again, use this link to.. I'm not sure what this referral does. I think you'll either get discount for trading fees, or some free tokens.)

You can also trade Bitcoin -1.74% and Cryptocurrency futures with LEVERAGE up to 100x, and you can SHORT bitcoin -1.74% as well, at the most reputable cryptocurrency platform Bitmex. Deposit btc -1.74% into the account to get started. Referral link for you to get trading fee discount!

As always, invest and trade only what you're willing to lose, don't go crazy.

評論: BITMEX ref link accidentally got missed out.
Here you go guys, happy trading

評論: Woops realised I missed out KUCOIN too!

Kucoin is a must to register NOW! Before they close too

評論: Kucoin https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1e3M4

Seems I did something wrong previously, which made the links disappear
Bitmex link here again. Seems there's something wrong https://www.bitmex.com/register/v1uGse
yes i'm on cryptopia where is link for bitmex?
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HaixiaoShi thedude73
@thedude73, Woops thanks for pointing that out! Somehow missed it out.
HaixiaoShi thedude73
@thedude73, I've put it in the updates
HaixiaoShi thedude73
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You're calling Ripple a small crypto??? lol
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HaixiaoShi The_Shit
@The_Shit, what are you talking about?
thedude73 HaixiaoShi
@HaixiaoShi, it's all good as far as i'm concerned.
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