A clear similarity with the 2013-2014 "bubble" fractal

23224 22
This is logarithmic chart, and yes these are fibs.

The overlay is a segment from 25. Jul 2013 to 25. Jan 2014.

Charts are by nature fractal , so in a way history repeats itself and shows us that our minds work the same way and the patterns repeat.
This time around the scale is much grater, but proportions stay the same and this is the mark of a fractal .
could you make the continuation
looks like it got invalidated by the bears. is this bullish or bearish?^-^
@yerb Very uncanny! Nice work. Followed
ok lets go to 16k
Dude ... epic chart
The similarity is incredible! Good eye.
this is scarrying accurate...
profundus profundus
@profundus, no more :)
Agree, but to make another interesting possibility you could also modify the chart a little to show the price action from 2013/2014 raised as if the final huge correction (top at 0.236) lines up with Bitcoin's most recent ATH?

Given how much the market has grown perhaps the last two months are more akin to that final huge flash crash of 2013. It only took a few days to play out but I remember everyone thinking the top was in already.
Awesome find ! I charted the same thing earlier
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