BTCUSD: 100- day MA and Hidden divergence (RSI)

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It is good to buy on dips around 10650-700 with SL around 10000 for the TP of 14600.
交易進行: It has shown a minor decline below 100 day MA and shown a slight recovery jumo till 12300 likely
評論: Watch for 11795 high made from the low of 10162. Break above 11800 confirms intraday bullishness and jump till 14400 (42% jump possible).
Any updates? Please
I don't think BTC will drop to $10,000. It's too obvious and people who sell BTC on Margin will lose everything.
hello i need to learn, how i can know if it hidden bullish or just bearish?
That's not bullish divergence. Bullish divergence would be if price made a new low while RSI fails to make a new low
FxWirePro julianface
@julianface, , this hidden divergence . Take from low of 11159 (RSI 46) and low 11191 (RSI 37)
julianface FxWirePro
@FxWirePro, ah apologies I thought it was regular divergence. It makes me realise I misunderstood hidden divergence this whole time, thanks!

Bullish divergence: lower lows on price, higher lows on indicator
Bullish hidden divergence: higher lows on price, lower lows on indicator
Bearish continuation: lower lows on price, lower lows on indicator
koryu FxWirePro
@FxWirePro, your rsi is based on close price so you can't compare it with the low price. Compare close with close or set rsi to low.
Nice spotting Sir!! For those that can't see it
PS:any update on XAUUSD
Thnaks for your time and knowledge.
MedinTrade MedinTrade
@MedinTrade, not sure why it didn't show (2018-11-01)
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