Bitcoin Failed to cross

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as we see btc up for third times as we say at last chart and fail to passed we have view and we always We note it still expect more dips so if u trade just scalping and use cpaital managment.

btc at resistance at $2620 passed we will see 2450 soon

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
One can clearly see its making higher highs, higher lows. You shorted right in demand zone, where you should be looking for buy opportunities. Use your fib ret. I don't trade this but from my experience i can assure you it will reach 2840 and eventually if it breaks the resistance, possible hit 3000 level. Good luck.
You're a "pro" trader yet the majority of your charts use 0 indicators. It is mostly lines and bounce areas.
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HamadaMark ItisCalvin
@ItisCalvin, really Thanks bro for your kind Words :) but I'm still Noob just ask for learn
ItisCalvin HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, fair enough. A great place where I learned was StockCharts chart school (search it as TradingView has seemed to frown upon links as of late). The appearance has changed over the years yet the content remains the same. It provides great insight into indicators, Fibonacci, and chart patterns like a double top or cup and handle. It is a lot to learn but you can slowly work what you learn from their into your charts.
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It bounced sharply off of $2600. BitFinex had litterally thousands of BTC orders just below $2600, there's no way it's going below $2600 before fork. If fork is fine, it's going over $3k.
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