BottomFinder: Long Signals of OverSold above Bull or BullRest

This education idea uses "9 Seasons Rainbow Indicator" to discuss long trade signals based on specific scenario.
The combinations of seasons on different time frames form patterns; some patterns have high probability of success for trading.
"Long Signals of OverSold above Bull or BullRest Seasons" is one of the best signals, which serves as a bottom finder.

OverSold on small time frame + Bull or BullRest on big time frames normally indicates a bottom.
When the bottom is tested again and confirmed, it may be a good time for long trade.

Please scroll to the time for details.
20190223 09:30
20190217 20:00
20190214 15:00
20190127 13:00
20190106 09:00
20190104 21:00
20181228 11:00

This post also use "Profitability Meter for Day Trading" to see the possible profit of the trades.
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