BTCUSD Will history repeat itself?

This might happen if lightning network actually works out.
We currently have 143 nodes on main-net of bitcoin:
We get almost free instant payments after channel opened.
評論: 233 nodes, 648 channels on mainnet...
評論: 282 nodes, 772 channels.
評論: 332 nodes, 852 channels.
評論: 686 nodes, 1689 channels,
total capacity: 50 559,00 USD
評論: Double bottom?
評論: On Linear looks interesting:
評論: 1659 nodes
5423 channels
評論: bitcoin in google trends grows again:
評論: 40 BTC lightning network capacity!
where would you recommend finding more information out about this?
Really appreciate your updates. Thankyou
PawelS kitkat16
@kitkat16, To be honest, this is both scary and exciting. This is still version 1.0 of protocol and software in an early version which might cause loss of funds. Still, people are risking because they are devoted to bitcoin and it's scaling to bring it to global adoption as soon as possible. There are more lightning nodes on the main net of Bitcoin than Bitcoin Cash full nodes.

thanks for the update!
How many nodes do they need for mass adoption? Any ideas when we might see larger implementation?
Thanks for the refreshingly good news :)
PawelS kitkat16
@kitkat16, Not sure, but new nodes can be added easily. Additionally lightning nodes will be run typically together with Bitcoin full nodes which increases decentralization.
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PawelS kitkat16
@kitkat16, on tet-net there is over 1k nodes and look how nicely they cover whole earth :)
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