I am waiting for a big crash!

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Hey guys. Look at my simple chart. It only has 1 day EMA 26 and EMA 12. No head, shoulder, cup, handle or waves :D The bitcoin price fell down whenever it reached between EMA 12 and EMA 26 since it fell from 12k level... One resistance since then and nothing changed yet. The 24hr volume just hit 4 months low! Do we have a break out toward up when the volume is at a record low? We may, but I really doubt. Whenever we get close to 1day ema 12, we go down 1000 to 1500 points down with a huge red candle. So I am expecting to go very down very soon :D The 24hr volume is less than 10 billion and the market cap is more than 250 billion. I think the cap will go down to 200 billion soon. I might be wrong of course! I was wrong many times in the past :) Lets wait and see...

This is just my personal opinion and not a financial advice.
I like your chart,and I have followed you. I hope you can Follow Me at the same time.
Esmaeel Ronnie_Dong
@DongRui, thanks. Sure, I will.
Same here
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