A thought on BTC : New addition to a brand new TA technique

I've been trying to find a method of determining whether a downtrend has finished or not that is the equivalent in accuracy to that I've been using to plot uptrends..

This just popped up as a possibility..

Curious to know your thoughts..

My method is simple..

For bullish cycles:
Encompass the entire historic chart movement (including wicks) with a pitch fan.. Price movement moves from side to side within the fan, and upon touching the bottom of the fan a second time, draw a new fan from that point that follows the same rules.. These are rules, not theory..
評論: Welcome back, BTC!!
評論: Minimum TP Target: $29k..
Woah Lezz - that was a little premature
If you prefer less guesswork ...or join ChartAttack on Telegram.org
Lezz sumastardon
@sumastardon, Just early.. Not wrong..
Great news!!

Bitcoin Breakout confirmed..

If I'm right, it's headed towards $40k..
@Lezz, that dump was strange
either someone is stupid (couldve spread BTC between exchanges), made mistake or has insider info
Your opinion?
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