Astrology - Mars Aspects Control Bitcoin, Reversal within 4 days

When Gann time counts, market geometry and specific square dates fail to reverse a trend, but instead cause a flattening/bottoming in price, the final catalyst for a move is found in Financial Astrology.

My article on describes in better detail the purpose and theory of this form of analysis.

Long story short, the aspects of Mars are in play here: Mars Conjunct Uranus, Mars Trine Neptune and Mars Conjunct Jupiter . The pink vertical lines represent those aspects. These have been identified using Optuma by Market Analyst

All of these Aspects show STRONG reversals and nearly a 100% chance of reversal based on weekly charts when the CMI is in an oversold condition, which is where we are at.
評論: On the 17th, Saturn turns retrograde, this has always yielded higher prices during this period.
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