Hi my fellow traders! Made a soon short call 8 hours ago about the drop right at the time everyone was bullish , and it created a big red candle again. Only give you ONE important line each post and now you know how strong they are.

But hold up, we are on above the 200 SMA of 4H chart, which is bullish . However, being pushed from a historic trend line is usually stronger than a moving average. Now let's keep an eye on the 200 SMA . If it broke, "welcome" to 3500.


I'm opening a trading course, PM me for more information.
評論: As long as bitcoin stays below that line, the market is still strong bearish.
交易結束:達到停損點: Alright, prepare for the f*cking BULL bitcoin market
評論: From now, buy bitcoin as much as you can, if it goes down, you buy more. It won't go lower than that blue line at least until next month
評論: Has some day off and very suprise to see price broke down that blue line. Things get serious now. Will update my idea later. As i said, above that line is strong bull, below that line is strong bear
ROdoubleB ROdoubleB
@MrPalmTree we never actually broke that line
ROdoubleB ROdoubleB
@ROdoubleB, On the other hand...

@MrPalmTree , this one
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@hkh222, it's kind of overprice now and will go down. But based on my analysis, staying above that trend line is the need to keep Bitcoin alive.
cI8DH MrPalmTree
@MrPalmTree, that line is indeed important. there are couple other up trendlines from 2012 that stretch to these price ranges
Hello MrPalmTree... I just wanted to say that :)
Is the SMA different from the EMA ?
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MrPalmTree WEBofONE
@WEBofONE, they are different. Here's everything you need to know:
In short, they are both helpful indicators but EMA reacts to the recent price more than SMA does. You should use EMA for short-term trading and SMA for long-term trading :D
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