BTC: Weekly analysis

Hey Traders!

So the bulls had a great week last week retaking ground at the $10k USD level. but just falling short of completing the H&S measured move. Im going to stick to analysing the 12 hour candles as they seem the most useful for my trading style.

This week im looking for the bulls to complete the Head and shoulders target a the 11400-12200.
There is still room in the RSI which would indicate that we can get there and there is a general pull to retest prior diagonal resistance althoguh MCD d looks toppy
Bid support is also increasing gradually which is necessary if we are to sustain these prices.

Here in the $11.5 – 12.4k we will likely find profit taking and that the bears will take advantage of this.

What I would like to see is drawn on the chart which would be a retracement and forming a large adam and eve bottom which could go as low as testing support back at 8k or another quasai head and shoulders that we have seen so many times before with support at around the 9-9.5k level signalling the end of the bear market.

There are several levels of support to cover off the bears if they go for it which I am quite happy to support with my own bids after taking profits..

All in all it looks positive and as a trader I really like the look of the inevitable volatility and that the way it may shape up could take us close to our previous highs if it plays the way I see it.
My best tip for the week if you are long is to keep some capital off the table to make the most of the high probability rejection we are likely to see.

All the best looking into the trading week ahead.

評論: Im a big fan of this TK cross on the 12 hour too its been a long time.
Below the bearish cloud etc so its not all out bullish but its positive.

評論: looks like we are about to launch
heres the targets i have in closer detail

評論: ready to pop

交易結束:目標達成: Trade has reached H&S targets.
Scaled out limit orders hit over night.

It is possible that we could move throguh the cloud and rest the resistance. I may jusmp back in if the path is clear but am generally looking to buy lower at support.

評論: Important note to the above chart. longs are closing and shorts are increasing yet price action is still on the up. Bullish.
評論: Morning Traders!

Todays intra day update. Last night we saw a large volume sell off (volume similar to that which preceded this run up. This woudl suggests to me that we are running out of steam and people are looking at the resistance as being too much to get over. I currently have no position as a result after being stopped out last night with a small loss bringing a 30 trade no loss streak to an end.. i dont want to short a bull market ahead of a significant break down either so im sitting out waiting for a pull back or a breakout with conviction (i.e. volume related breakout). I will keep updating this week's idea as usual though.


評論: Struggling to see anything positive to say at this level.
bid support also v weak. lookout below.
評論: Ive switched the chart to linear as this is the scales where the resistance was found.
Also took a trade off the bounce last night and sold it.
Orderbook doesnt feel great to be honest there is a bit of a H&S top forming, which looks poised to take us below 9k if the big 10k order block doesnt hold.
still of the opinion we will find a bottom around the range shown, just slightly concerned about the way we fell through the 9's like butter last time.

評論: oh i also forgot to point out the new moon.

Coincidence that it falls as per this chart???
評論: Morning Traders!

Im not going to do a new idea this week, this is largely a continuation of the exsisting idea from last week that playedout as planned.

Ive had increasing number of questions about trading style / how to trade.

Below i show how i plan to trade this week. Breaks below current support will be shorted. Im not really prepared to take on Long positions for anything other than smal scalp trades until we break the diagonal resistance. i will swap my short on break of ~9250 to a long at around $8k. I will be amazed if it plays out as above to the lunar cycle as a major low. Will be interesting! good luck. Filb

評論: Like the look of this. looks like we may form a much bigger bottom formation

評論: Bulls need to test the log resistance at $11.5k+ before the weekly close to avoid the bears next week. Shorts are underwater @ finex looks primed for a fakeout to me. $btcusd $BTC

評論: Action about to start.

Im 50/50. Pretty confident about both zones. Break of dotted line then fast move to c. 15k. Breakdown and we try again stronger.

評論: Just a little more please.

評論: So were are in the zone as described. Key to watch for volume confirmation.
I am already long but will add when its clear whats going to happen.

評論: and that is why you wait for the volume!
My thoughts:

filbfilb Commodore3
@Commodore3, i dont really use EW's so can really comment on that but the fib levels look good.
Commodore3 filbfilb
@filbfilb, Thanks! I personally believe in using as many TA tools as possible, and it's wonderful when they confirm each other. I have always expected a C wave after the first correction that took us down to 9200 but never saw it. So I was on the lookout for a chart pattern that could produce the expected C wave, until I noticed the ascending wedge! I love your TAs by the way
filbfilb Commodore3
@Commodore3, Thanks man, appreciate that. Yes its cool when all the indicators stack in the same direction.. i could look at the charts all day but try to do so to avoid analysis paralysis! :)
Great work
do you think we will go to $7.8-8.0k?
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30 trade wins in a row! Nice work
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@OllieCc, thanks! was a great ride last week.
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Are you re-entering the arena with this in mind?
Thanks for the zoomed out view.
If you can, please share a bit about your trading approach in the next posts. Love hearing and learning different styles.
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