#BTC #BITCOIN Inverse H&S formation +36% target $16,000

Now for the inverse head and shoulders if we break above the neckline, which we are very quickly approaching. Target +36% to $16,000 in 24 hours or so.
評論: Slightly different measurement.
broke the cloud .. what next ?
TV account hacked XD
So no more $53k BTC then? What happened to the trillion dollar BTC marketcap by 20th Feb?
We all appreciate your time, efforts, and insights, so thank you! Let's just reel it in a bit. Too many other things to consider in this hyper emotional market we are in, sometimes we find ourselves ignoring the fundamentals and the confirmations that we need to accompany our technical analysis. Patience my man. Patience. Have a great weekend!
seems bitcoin explode your brain and now you are into porn. have a vacation.
Alright then - if that's what you're into.
whats with the article tin??
for now its liik like btc touch line and went down...(
Yeah i agree - depending on what you want to take as confirmation of breakout - we have just broken - but not held on the 15m - i think we will go back to 9K over the weekend as per the other poster - but even that will not be enough to get the money flowing back in - everyone is sitting on their cash on the sidelines waiting for 8K i think
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I think your analysis would be so much more accurate if you start using the crypto setting for the Ichi Clouds.
Ambitious to think we are going to 16K in 24 hours, but I do like it. We will need a lot more money into the game via USDT or another means.
I think we breakout, retest the breakout line, and fall back to the 9k mark by the end of the weekend.
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