BTC captured in Channel before consolidation and break out


we are heading slow but continuously in a channel.

as i know crypto, we are not going to stay here for long. February is going to be a bullish month. lets see

consolidation was crypto super fast, because of the hack and price drop, we saved some hours of candles.

now the first break-out, before the triangle trigger. its crypto, some can just drive the price when ever they want and the technical trading people are probably not "at work" anyway on a saturday night :-)

following the 10800 support line, which is limiting the uptrend.

3rd-times hit of possible triangle breakout at 11600

market sentiment decides way to continue. its neutral, so its the chart. kind of boring times to draw some lines into the charts :-)

squeezing out the next possible steps of this geometric analysis.

11600 break out stopped at the the level of the previous triangle crossing line.

now the intervals should get stronger and longer, but they are so many factors, like volume, news, whales, we cant predict very nicely. next important stop is at 13000. we are going to watch the market, and how much it will bounce down. perfect storm would be not a deep fall back and at least 12 hours of consilidation before heading to 14000 to the main downtrend line.

more charts, with more geometric lines will follow.

thanks for reading.
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