Red / Amber / Green... 3 major Steps to jump before celebration!

Here we have the current picture. Chart after chart after chart of predictions.

The bottom line.... this market is manipulated beyond belief and small time frame TA and predictions are worthless really. Quick route to an empty wallet.

Here we have the facts, plain and simple.

Yes, we have broken out of a downtrend, but not yet on the logarithmic scale!

1) We break this red line..... great start!

2) we break the amber line.... looking even better!

3) Break the green line for a higher high, breach of double top , strong resistance, and we can quite literally say.... off we go for a fully fledged new bull season.

Until then, all options are valid really.

I’m long on a lot of alts now, no short positions at all, way too risky in this environment, and with global scale issues on the forefront, accumulating BTC hard and fast.

Trade safe lovely people,

The Colonel xxx
評論: As for current standings, I expect this current drop to bounce around 7800 (In that range, I would be laddering in below 8000)
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