BTC log trend update 31/10/17

Not much new to report here. Long term forecast proved quite correct so far so I just some minor adjustments to include latest developments.
Chart shows quite ambitious mid term goals. To summarize, if we can trust this analysis -and I myself consider it very ambitious as I found my one from January - we should leave long term accumulation phase soon to enter mind blowing stage two of the adoption process. Keep in mind we are talking about exponential developments here. Also mid term correction due to upcoming S2X is still possible. Lets see how that plays out.
Should the curve be redrawn? Or we go to support and continue from there? I guess we touch support or else we should draw a vertical line instead of a curve.
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mikenz villar.martin
@villar.martin, I dont see a reason to rewrite it. It just describes an exponential trend. Of course sooner or later btc will reach a peak and break the curve to start a new pattern. right now we cld go back to 10.6k as a short term correction without breaking it.
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I love this chart. Would you say it's safe to assume we're well into that "mind blowing stage two" you speak of? If stage two were a baseball game, what inning would we be in?
mikenz ChickenNugger
@ChickenNugger, As I say I only describe makro trends I cannot more then guess about so exact information as the which day and how high. However seeing the discussion forums in newspaper and economic magazins still full with comments of people who do not understand how crypto can actually work, what it is and what a blockchain is useful for it feels like the internet in the mid 90s. Which means in the next years there should be still lots of room room to grow upwards. But keep in mind corrections can be cruel in bitcoin so dont overinvest. If you achieved some profit, you can split your earnings like half btc half usd for funding. Current interest rates are not bad with >30% pa. on finex for instance.
Mikenz, you are 10!!
mikenz Sidney-CWB
@Sidney-CWB, thank you
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Nice Mikenz! I'll be playing attention to this chart closely.
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Ralebr2 simpelyfe_
Mikenz, does segwit2 cancelled change something?
mikenz Ralebr2
@Ralebr2, Since I dont own a crystal ball, I was as surprised by the news as anyone else. We witnessed a short rise to 7.9k because happy core-followers suspecting immediate new ATHS within hours, followed by a correction to about 7k that followed due to Altcoin & S2X followers who hoped for free coins leaving the boat. I did expect this around or shortly after the HF. How long the current correction takes I honestly do not know. I only work with and describe makro trends there. If you are already invested, I would always hodl as long as it does not significantly crosses the green trend line.
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