Huge step for Bitcoin in upcoming weeks

On Bitcoin day chart, we can see clear signs of upcoming correction - like 100% growth in only 2 weeks and so much overbought RSI . If it isn´t coming today, it will come in upcoming few days anyway.

But what will happen next? With bitcoin , this happened few times in the past and everyone was always unsure: is it just a correction, or is it going to continue?
Well, we have the same situatuion here now. Is it going to grow more or will the year 2018 bring hard times for hodlers?

I can´t see the future, but I see two possible options happening here, because there is coming also one fundamental into the game: the CME listing. The first part of correction should be same anyway - falling to approx. 8k zone and bounce back. This is supposed to be fast, because the listing is on 18.12.

We also have to count thet there will be a lot of investors coming before 18.12. to get the breakout while CME listing. If everything goes well with CME , January will be moon month for bitcoin and probably also altcoins, BUT:

We have heard that there can be some problems with BTC listing to the CME market. If there will occure one, the option 2 could happen: Bitcoin could fall. I am saying this only for you to get prepared for both possible scenarios - so watch the charts and news carefully for your maximum gains :)

Good details.
I Dont know trading so I ask rsi say to lie in any case ? and maybe 1 month later is correct yourself it is possible ?
I think it is so important to stress both possible scenarios right now; nice analysis
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