History is always repeats itself...

Attention to the blue rectangle area. After that we will welcome the bullish era and say good bye to the bearish days. Enjoy!!!
評論: trend line valid ;)
評論: yellow trend line is active. we will enter the blue rectangle area sooner than expected.
評論: Dark Blue Trend Line is Active.
評論: 100% accurate prediction ;). Don't forget to like, subscribe, comment
評論: Thanks everyone for your interest. I am really appreciated. Please be consider that I am also beginner and still learning. I prepared this chart 20 days ago. SO PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY TRADES BASED ON MY IDEAS. For your safety just do not. We will see together what will happen. Cheers!
評論: We are still testing the trend line.Next 72 hours is very critical. We will see whether enter blue rectangle area or not. Any good or bad news from G20 will determine our destiny.
評論: We have enter the blue rectangle area. Life is very interesting sometimes. With my limited information I guess this drop. Cheers! Viva la Bitcoin...
交易結束:目標達成: Well, we have reached the target. See you next time :)

評論: What did I say to you guys? :). "After the blue rectangle area we will welcome the bullish era and say good bye to bearish days." Surprise!
Testing time for the chart above... You have done extremely well so far... let see now
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Man you rock .. Good Chart ... Make clear one ... cant zoom
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msahin5656 The-Boss
@The-Boss, lol. Sorry about that. Next time will be better. Promise!
The-Boss msahin5656
@msahin5656, Thanks Bro .... Excellent charts ... Honestly ... Impressed :-)
First Elliot Wave is wrong tho, 4 can't go below 1
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msahin5656 Sebastian_Lorca
@Sebastian_Lorca, Yes exactly :) You are right. I am still learning...
@msahin5656 yeah, don't worry I'm learning too, I've made many mistakes :) I believe 3 on your first wave is 5 and everything else behind the top is a big correction, I believe is a WXYXZ correction, I believe that correction ended when BTC hit 6k.
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umarim isler bu
msahin5656 DoubleF
@DoubleF, buna gore hareket etmenizi tavsiye etmiyorum. Cunku 20 gun once cizildi ve bende bir amator olarak 20 gunde bayagi bir sey ogrendim. Bu cizdigim ilk grafik. Buraya kadar bile 100% tutmasina ben bile sasiriyorum :)
DoubleF msahin5656
@msahin5656, btcde acemi bakis acisi guzel isliyor. hayirlisi.
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