BITCOIN "CRASH" really a crash? Two possible scenarios!

Hey tradomaniacs,

I know i know.. take a deep breath and chillax.

Everyone is talking about the bubble..the CRASH.. the DEATH of Bitcoin & Co.

Well..since we had this strong hype that was almost utopistic everyone felt like Bitcoin & CO were unstoppable.
But why? Why would you think like that? Because we have a big market of players with no freaking clue how the market, the psychology, and this entire world works.

Unexperienced gambler were those who let the pros win this game. And what we see is people who were buying at BTCs peek and consolidation-phase.
Now it`s time to let them regret to even think about investing in Bitcoin! Right? This is how the market works.

Of course.. I sound naughty. But this is how this game works. If you win, someone else loses. You buy, someone sells. You sell - someone buys.

We know that this "Crash" which is obviously a joke compared to this awesome but unhealthy rally we had is also caused by bad news from china and sout korea.
BTC has still its scale-problems a lot of teams are working on. Buzt are we patient enough?

I like this paradoxal phenomenon that we are the ones who are afraid of the crash but CAUSE that crash with SELL- orders not willing to invest in other COINS which could give us nice "hedge-possibilitys" to diversify and still be able to make profits when BTC drops. But.. the market is irrational.

What we see is still a joke of a "crash". As long as we hold the primary trendline plus the 200 MA it`s still all good. We had a 257% run within 35 DAYS after the last "crash" down to 5.500 USD which is crazy compared to this high price per BTC we actually have/had. Now we had a 48% loss within 35 days. You should always see that "correction" or "crash" in relation to the climb we had.

We might test the 10k.
We might climb back to 20k.
We might consolidate.
We might drop down to 8k.

But we still see a nice profit we had after this rally. ;)

Just chill.. get a plan and strategie. It`s not worth to die by a heart attack because you check your blockfolio every 5 Mins. ;-)

May we shall start with an ecosystem and start to stop thinking the the entire Cryptoworld dies with its King called Bitcoin .
May we should start to invest into alternatives? Like Altcoins? ;-D

Piece and good trades,
Stay calm!
sell when you can
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