Market Review 09/04 : BTCUSD, SPX, HSI, AUDNZD

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clear bullish setup

Nice, glad you went in short. You might be even more happy if it finally takes out the support and tests below $6.7K. As the odds are increasing that the earlier lower trend line will fail. The writing is on the wall. I've not been convinced by the bounces, since volumes have been flat lining for sometime. On balanced volumes I need my glasses to see it. Ha! The drop to void below is looking more likely. I have a song suggestion for when it gives way will enjoy it! (Down Down, by Status Quo). I'm confident when it break it won't be the Status Quo ;) Thanks for sharing
@diofonte, Yess breaking down the support will be the swing timeframe confirmation, still speculative at that point. I'm waiting !
If you look at a few sudden moves up and down recently they are all the same size. It basically looks to me like some group is able to push down or up the market about 200 dollars, maybe using organised tactics. It just doesn't look organic.
@n0m1c, yeah that's right, can't really figure this out. All I know is that I'm more confortable trading in the major trend side than being a counter trend buyer like I was before !
@n0m1c, Algo trading bots. More and more common. When trade is thin, or as Phil say's "range bound", it shows up as very measured, and structure is no longer the same. From a Elliot Wave perspective it can suck. But hey trading this market on a short time frame sucks anyway. Further you go out time wise, the more normal it looks. Its the new normal now unfortunately. So better adapt. Now everyone wants to hire or build an Ai algo trading bot. I do get the sense traps are being used as a strategy though, which is concerning. I don't subscribe to all the whale theories (annoying conspiracies). But I would have to admit, its impossible to say if this is group action. I will say it appears to be a pre-programmed automated sequences. I've seen it move too fast with respect to calculating counter attacks based on price action and the number of participants. Not talking this market, just generally.
hey u got only left channel maybe u can fix it. right channel has no sound
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