Bitcoin takeoff or nah?

Bitcoin             looks as though its bottomed out, but lets exercise caution.
Could be a dead cat bounce
pato Morbid33
@Morbid33, yep, exactly what I'm thinking. he base of the bounce was an excellent buy-level but now it looks like we may come back down so buying doesn't currently look as attractive. Unless you want to hold a losing position for some time.
@pato, Keep your fingers crossed hopefully it will go to 900
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MindCreeper Morbid33
@Morbid33, Forever Short
pato MindCreeper
@MindCreeper, yea, we could see a final dip due to the segwit and B1xxx issues, but if we do I bet the pickup will be crazy. because BTC looks really bullish and adoption is only increasing,
@Morbid33, lol... 900... this is amateur central here. BIP91 / segwit are basically locked in... why the hell would people dump now? Only the morons are worried
Silverkale devilninja777
@devilninja777, don't underestimate the power of the masses to many people worried and I'm waiting for a good entry point. We could see some panic selling.
pato devilninja777
@devilninja777, ease up PRO. lets see your work. teach us
@pato, looks like I already did
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