Behold the FUTURE! Why? BC need $ to bring wife to VEGAS!!!

What's goin down financial amigossss! Hope all is well despite this craziness of cyprto market lasting way longer than it should, clearly by design.

So lets be real, it might go to 4K, prob not, but if we do see a significant further downtrend I think more likely around 5,500 before reaching new all time high's.

Cannot believe I am saying this, but my reasoning for the 5,500, or 6ish final bottom (ASSUMING BOTTOM HAS NOT ALREADY OCCURRED BUT I THINK IT PROBABLY HAS) is a theory from the Television show, Silicon Valley. They recently were one of the 1st I've noticed, in terms of non-financial analysts and more mainstream audience anyhow, estimated BTC price will NOT fall below price of mining. I agree. There is too much money to lose and we've already had such an extended bear run following last years all time highs that people will simply lose too much interest otherwise. I think that's a very valid point(s). So much money in mining startups that they will probably push up prices when necessary to justify continued business. Moreover, I bet you the electric companies (or their shady owners and off shore corporate shells upon shells) have already begun steps to push up this crypto market based on the sudden and HUGE profits from more electricity usage. Interesting right?!? Thanks, I agree.

As I mentioned in my prior posts, volatility has been and will continue to decrease as market matures and more intelligent money flows in...slowly but surely. I mean even fast money is starting to enjoy talking about Crypto. Of course they are inviting you over to sit down after presentation! Regular markets are hella boring compared to this and 100X margins lol, the older money is beginning to LOVE IT. ABOUT TIME!

Unlike my prior posts (which were pretty accurate might I say), I have begun to shun my misbehaving stepson LTC more and more. Maybe I was a noob for believing too much in LTC, but not a lucky enough Noob anyhow. I got most losses back around 178, and have diversified since. However, my bastard stepson LTC could still very well pop off soon, so I am HODLing more than I want to just in case. Frankly, I'd rather see LTC go to 7$ and lose it all rather than miss the boat on LTC mooning in near future. Why? FOMO? Not really but sort off, it's not because that's a smart investing strategy obviously. Rather, my gamblers gut instinct and inherited stubbornness are clearly playing my cards on this one and I've learned not to fight it.

I think the main problem with lack of upswing right now is all you "experienced" traders selling out just when the boom is happening for ur 4% day profits. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with grinding it out, but sitting on sidelines too long can worsen possible future gains.

Maybe I may need more patience, yes, my wife thinks so too, but also so many other "authors" on here need more balls, in my opinion anyway. This is crypto, it IS pretty much gambling at this point, so just embrace it already. Besides, you're trading mainly against bots who are smarter than you anyway. They know what you're gonna do before you even think about it. So why not try to switch it up a bit a throw some money in right now to help key bump us up to 10K? Thanks in advance.

*Mic Drop*

P.S.: When I read titles like "THIS IS GOING TO DROP RIGHT NOW" or "THIS IS ONLY POSSIBILITY OF PLAYING OUT" I don't even click and read further because suggesting only one possibility in these circumstances is like going to a Chinese all you can eat buffet and ordering salad. Even worse are the ones who "accidentally" post same theory over and over again at inopportune times SHORT SHORT SHORT!!! Feel like you're just trying to lure people into investments advantageous to your current position. Jeez, stop it please, you probably also are same people driving slow in the left lane that won't let you pass due to huge arrogance. Thanks, as always this occasional therapy helps me relax.


In Nov., I'll invite you all to travel in my new LAMBOS and visit my new beach home


The *NOT* relates to the invites, not the Lambo's or new construction beach home.
評論: XMR/BTC about to pop off!!
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