There are two Trader categories: one wins and one loses, and if you do not use a stop loss, you are a predestined loser* (C.R.)
That said, when you decide to enter the market, the first thing you need to define is the stop loss position, only after you have done so, and you have calculated the correct size, you can take position on the market. Consider that a good R/R Ratio is 1:3.
Some small technical advice on the chart.

TradigView Staff has created a fantastic tool ... use it !!!!! ... especially if you follow other Traders !!

*our philosophy

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Stop loss is great for regular markets but anything less than 5-7% stop loss in Crypto and over night, you are bound to get stop loss hunted by the whales before the pump in more than 50% of ocasions...
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SignalSwiss Jan_Divic
@Jan_Divic, % of your asset!!
+6 回覆
so if you have 10k usd in portfolio, each trade should be 100-200 usd? :( all coins move like is like putting 5k or 10k alone in BTC
@GazMema, Exact, 100/200$ for every trade.
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I kept losing money in the market until I began using stop-loss, now I'm back up in the green. Thanks
+6 回覆
SignalSwiss raydar07
@raydar07, great!
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