Bitcoin - Be Ready For The Future

In this chart I don't advise buying or selling a coin, but rather informing you what ways btc can go in the near future so you could make the right moves when the time comes.

If btc breaks the downtrend upwards (red triangle arrow), we will see bullish action taking place up to potentially 32k.

Breaking the current uptrend downwards (green triangle arrow) would make 10500+- our next stop (could stop at 13k , but the support isn't as strong there) and do a reversal.

Breaking the first long-term trend would signal a market crash, every cryptocoin will be going down by major amounts.

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評論: Update:

Bounced back from the current trend (green arrow) , potential jump to 16k can happen.
評論: Update:

Bounced off the trendline ideally, let's see how we go from here.
the future was not bright, i think the wale will withdraw money and pullback bitcoin price down to 10k at least.
Bitcoin is a scam, dont buy it!!!!! You dont even know the developers!
nhannv09 mazvydas123
@mazvydas123, a new scrared girl in the town
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cnbbcn nhannv09
@nhannv09, hahaha
HemnMarivani mazvydas123
@mazvydas123, oh thank you,you are save my life! :D
narchoma mazvydas123
@mazvydas123, I am developer...
mazvydas123 narchoma
@narchoma, i am pro trader
Thanks for sharing your idea.
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